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Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)
Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)
Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)
Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)
Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)
Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)
Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)

Mi Remedy

Moon Tea 红糖姜茶 (Limited Version)

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Moon Remetea is designed to help women feel the best that they can, using natural ingredients and nutrients such as Hóng Táng(红糖), Chinese red dates, Goji berries, chamomile, and a touch of spice from the ginger.

What’s in Moon Remetea?

A naturally sweet gift from nature, Chinese red dates or jujube, contains a wholesome mix of nutrients such as dietary fibre, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, plus a whole lot of active compounds that support your immune system, digestion, quality of sleep, blood and heart health, liver health, and so much more. Jujube has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for years as a tonic for the stomach, spleen, and liver. In Asia, females love to use it in soups, teas, and desserts, as well as eating it fresh or dried, to help nourish and energise the body.

Hong Tang is warming in therapeutic nature. Traditionally, it is widely used to boost energy and circulation. It helps not only to relieve women's menstrual discomfort during their period and during postpartum but also to boost energy and blood regeneration.

The tiny but mighty superfood, Goji berry, is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, carotenoids, and powerful bioactive constituents. Historically, it has been used to treat age-related issues like blurred vision, lumbar soreness, and as a tonic for the kidney and liver. Goji berries contain a special group of polysaccharides* which are considered as the most valuable component of the fruit as they are immune-boosting, anti-aging, antitumor, and can protect the liver and improve reproductive health. 

Calming and soothing chamomile is widely used in medications, traditional therapies,  and cosmetic products as anti-inflammatory and calming agents. It’s also been loved as a tea for its hypnotic (sleep-inducing) and antispasmodic (spasm-preventing/relieving) properties. Active components of chamomile reduce the stress hormone levels, the over-contraction of muscles, the sensitivity of nerves, and the removal of toxins. This slightly sweet flower soothes your body and mind, supporting a calm state from the inside out.

The star of detoxification, ginger, warms you up from the core and promotes circulation to deliver nourishment to the entire body and remove the harmful toxins. The warming, spicy tingle helps you start your day with a clear mind, energised body, and heightened metabolism. Traditional Chinese medicine uses ginger to treat cold-induced stomachaches, vomiting, and diarrhea. Modern medicine discovered its anti-inflammatory, analgesic (pain-relieving), spasmolytic (spasm-relieving), and sialagogic (gallbladder-benefiting) properties.

(*long-chain sugars that are NOT easily broken down in our body so that they can exert diverse health benefits instead of being stored as energy like simple sugars)


How does Moon Remetea work?

Moon Remetea aims to better your menstrual experience and women’s overall wellbeing by supporting the detoxification of the liver, strengthening the gut, warming the core, soothing the mind, and boosting overall immunity and energy.

Customers report less painful cramps, nausea, and gut disturbance during their periods. Drinking Moon Remetea on a regular basis is sure to provide a clearer mind during the day, better sleep at night and a steadier mood throughout the month

How do I use Moon Remetea?

Simply drop a Moon Remetea cube with 250ml hot water (80-100’C)  for 1 minute+ and you're ready to go! We'd recommend consuming the floaties (jujube slices and goji berries) to get even more out of your Moon Remetea.

Moon Remetea can be used as a nutraceutical drink on a daily basis and during your special time of the month. For children and pregnant or lactating women, this product should be used with caution and with advice from your healthcare specialist.  

Ingredients: Dried jujube, dried goji berry, Hong Tang(红糖), chamomile, ginger powder.

Warning: This product should not be used as an alternative to medicine, and individual results may differ. For severe symptoms, please seek advice from doctors. Children and women during pregnancy and lactation should use it with caution.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My mom and I both love this tea!

It's my third time buying this tea and I love it so so much! It's different than other teas and I love every thing about it(the box, the note, the packaging, all very cute)
I found it really helpful during my period.
Mum came to visit last week and took a box from me because she falls in love with the tea as well ;)

Ms Adya
Great tasting and effective

I’ve been sampling the teas for one cycle now, and I barely needed to take pain meds this time. I have endometriosis and usually am on strong painkillers for 4-5 days around my cycle, but this cycle I was having one cup of tea daily and didn’t feel so bad, only taking my painkillers before bed. I’ve been looking at pain management options aside from painkillers and the Remetea seems very promising!


I love the subtle sweet taste of the Moon tea very much! I usually enjoy it in the evening during my self-care routine to wind down. Also great for weekends cuppa too! I like that Miremedy uses only natural ingredients without adding any artificial flavours or colours. Very happy with the purchase and would recommend everyone trying this tea.

Very nice and helpful tea!

I got the Restore tea to try for myself and the Moon tea for my girlfriend. She suffers from quite a bad form of endometriosis. She said that the moon tea really helped her alleviate the pain and she loved the taste as well! She definitely saw the results and is very happy with the pain relief!

For the restore tea- I loved the subtle flavours and I tried it after last Friday's drinks :D It was very light and had a great aroma. It did help me feel better from the hangover without feeling stuffy. Definitely worth it!

Jie Zhuang
Great tea

It is very happy to drink a cup of red dates and ginger tea in winter. instantly warm