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Pads or Tampons?

It can be quite confusing; the pads vs. tampons debate. And to add to that confusion, the more recently popular menstrual cup (but more about that in another post). Most people start off using pads when they first get their periods and transition to tampons after a couple of years. But many people also swear by pads and have never used a tampon in their lives! So, what really is the difference? Is one better for you? Let’s break it down with some facts. A pack of 14 pads costs on average £1.50 whilst a pack of 18 tampons around £2.60. In terms of physical appearance, tampons are obviously much smaller and travel friendly as compared to pads which vary...

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Does stress affect our period?

Have you ever experienced irregular, painful, heavy period during an exam week? While preparing for an important event? After working super hard on a project? Or trying to keep up with a busy schedule? Were you aware that some hidden stress factors are imperceptibly affecting your menstrual cycle? In order to understand how stress and period are connected together, let’s start from the top

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What should we eat before our periods?

“I don’t think I’m sick or experiencing serious symptoms on menses,” you might say, “but how can I just feel better and maintain a steadier state throughout the month?” A study that examined the metabolic change of nutrients across the menstrual cycle among healthy women might give us some clue. Blood levels of key nutrients like amino acids, lipids, vitamin D, and vitamin B6 drop significantly during different phases of the menstrual cycle, while oxidative stress shows a trend of increase. Thus, to replenish your body and ease up the hormonal fluctuations and physical symptoms, here at Mi Remedy we recommend you....

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