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What does the tea taste like?

It has an overall subtle flowery taste with a hint of sweetness and slight spiciness.

What’s the science behind the formulation?

Our ingredients’ active constituents such as gingerol and shogaols help support women during that time of the month through its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Our ingredients also contain vital nutrients to replenish the body.

When's the best time to drink the tea? Does your product contain caffeine?

You can enjoy our tea any time of the day and is caffeine-free.

Is there a maximum dosage that I can drink per day?

For our first launch, Moon Remetea, we recommend you drink it one or two cups a day during your period. (However it can also be enjoyed whilst not on your period!) 
For consumption higher than three cups per day, we recommend you consult your doctor or a medical professional.

Can you drink the tea if you are breastfeeding or on medication?

We would recommend you consult your doctor or a medical professional to be extra safe.

Does boiling water affect the vitamins in the tea?

We understand the effect of boiling water on vitamins and so have taken this into account during formulation. We also recommend you brew your tea with warm water (80°C) and not boiling water to preserve as much of the vitamins as possible. 

Are there any added sweeteners or artificial ingredients?

No, all our ingredients are natural and we do not add any artificial sweeteners or flavourings either.

Are the tea bags bleached?

Our teabags are made of biodegradable material and are never chemically bleached.

Can you eat the ingredients?

Yes, you can! Though designed as a drink, our ingredients are all safe to be eaten (and yummy).

Are the ingredients EU Food Standard approved? Where is the tea manufactured?

All our ingredients are sourced from the UK and have been carefully selected by the team to ensure they meet our criteria and EU Food Standards. Our teas are also all produced in the UK.