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Our Story

We are Mi Remedy


Sophia Lan, the tea chief of Mi Remedy, grew up in China where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has over 3500 years of history. TCM is a natural medical treatment sworn by in many parts of Asia. The first Chinese Herbalist, Shenglong (-2800BC), researched hundreds of herbs and produced the book Shennong's Materia Medica (神农本草经) introducing to people the uses of these different herbs he discovered. Until today, this knowledge is still in use in TCM. 

As a child, whenever Sophia felt under the weather, her mother would come up with natural Chinese herbal tea concoctions that did just the trick. Her family, from Northern Canton, have been using TCM for generations and so she grew up with Chinese herbs such as Dong Quai, Ginseng and Goji Berries just lying around the house. 

The trust and belief in the nutritional power of these herbs stayed with Sophia as she moved to the USA at the age of 18. Her mother packed up all her most used herbs along with brewing instructions so that Sophia would feel closer to home, despite being oceans apart. That’s a mother’s way of showing love to her daughter.

The distinct taste, feeling, and comfort these herbal teas brought to Sophia is what inspired the birth of Mi Remedy; we want girls all around the world to feel the same amazing benefits. 

We hope to see you along with us on our journey to making Mi Remedy home of comfort for women!