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Why do women have periods?

Most of us have been getting periods on a monthly basis since about the age of 12 but have you ever wondered why you bleed during your period? What actually happens down there? Where does the blood come from? The questions are endless!
Let’s get to know our periods a bit better.
What actually happens is that during your menstruation cycle, your body prepares itself to have a baby. Your ovaries release a tiny egg which then travels along your fallopian tubes and down to your womb. Whilst this is happening, the lining of your womb also gets thicker due to the rise in oestrogen levels. If an egg hasn’t been fertilised by a sperm, your body gets rid of some of that lining in the womb which it no longer needs for nourishing a fertilised egg, coming out in the form of blood.
Incredible isn’t it! Your body goes through so much in the regular 28-day menstruation cycle which explains the lethargy, hunger and other symptoms you feel leading up to and during your period. The rise in oestrogen levels leading up to your period also explains the mood change and tender breasts experienced. Menstruation is a natural occurrence and despite being quite unpleasant at times, is frankly something to be celebrated as it signifies a healthy and fertile female body. An imbalance in oestrogen and progesterone levels can lead to irregular or abnormal cycles, and can be due to diet, hormones, weight or stress levels, to name a few factors. It is important to visit your doctor or gynaecologist if you have an irregular cycle as the root cause may be something more critical.
Overall, menstruation is a phenomenon only women will have the privilege of experiencing and is not anything to be embarrassed about! A healthy diet and regular exercise are simple ways shown to help reduce discomfort during your menstruation cycle.

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